Writing a Good Reaction Paper

Writing of reaction papers is a common requirement in academic coursework.

University and college students are encountered with a regular assignments to write reaction papers. Many students however are not aware of what it entails to write a good reaction paper. Reaction papers are piece of writing that involves responding to a text that someone has read. This calls for a better understanding of the text and how each of the text or article has fared in accomplishing its objectives. If the writer is responding to multiple texts, then the writer should also be in a position to discover how the different texts relates to each other.

Notwithstanding, writing a good response paper involves more than just reading and understanding a text, and then writing your opinion on the paper. It involves comprehending what the text means and how the text relates to each other.

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This means that the writer must intellectually synthesize the work of others and bring it together in an integrated format.

The writer of the response paper should take time not only to read but also to digest what he or she has read and put the outcomes in a unified account referred as a response paper. Several questions that an individual can ask themselves in order to write a good response paper includes the following:

  • What is the problem statement addressed by the author.
  • What are the central arguments or points does the author put across, and what evidence is presented?
  • Are there any assumptions made by the author?
  • What are the texts strength and weaknesses?
  • What possible counterparts can I present to the text?
  • These are instrumental questions that the writer by responding to them will be able to compile a professional response paper.

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